Discover Algarve

The Algarve is a fascinating region of Portugal, located at the southern end of the Iberian Peninsula. Due to its temperate Mediterranean climate, the Algarve offers pleasant weather throughout the year, but is known for the long, hot days from May to September. The Algarve coastline has long stretches of white sand and blue sea, suitable for swimming, water sports and sailing. In addition to the sea, the Algarve has countless leisure possibilities. Golf is particularly notable, thanks to the best courses in the world. The restaurants, hotels and entertainment of the Algarve, coupled with the region's friendly and welcoming people, and the peace and security of the Portuguese country, make it an excellent place to visit, invest in and enjoy.

 Doing Business in Algarve

The conditions in the Algarve are very attractive for anyone intending to invest, particularly in the tourism, services and property areas. This situation is exemplified by the ever-growing number of foreigners from different continents who choose to make secure investments in the Algarve, a region with a stable legal and economic framework, which offers favourable investment possibilities and returns specific to the interests of each investor.

The public administration has been modernised, particularly municipal, fiscal, notary and registration services, making the procedures for realising investments secure and the steps for the intended operation easy for the investor to understand.

 Business Model

There are three fundamental pillars to support investment operations and assure the investor of success, particularly in the tourism and property areas, whether by directly purchasing assets or by purchasing company shares: (i) information and context prior to the operation; (ii) definition of the contract structure and; (iii) implementation and monitoring of the execution of the business.

In accordance with the Portuguese legal regime, each operation is governed by a written contract, which, whenever necessary, can be registered with the competent public authorities, such that the investor is secure and assured of the validity and effectiveness of the documents that support the associated investment.

 Algarve Opportunities

The Algarve is always offering new business and investment opportunities. From the purchase of an apartment or home to developing large-scale hotel or tourism infrastructures, the Algarve is a fertile area, with opportunities that deserve analysis and a visit by anyone seeking stability, returns and security in their investments.